Jobs available

1. NOR-ARC – Shipping Fleet Administration/Logistics/AZ Truck Driver

Full time
3-5 years’ experience
Valid AZ driver’s license
Must maintain clean driving record

Roles and Responsibilities:

Shipping Fleet Administration/Logistics:
1. Oversee and manage proper documentation in Fleet (e.g., annual permit, insurance, logbooks, special permit, licensing, etc.)
2. Manage all requirements for load securement
3. Manage private escorts
4. Coordinate maintenance, repairs, annual with auto shop manager
5. Manage cleanliness of fleets
6. Manage logistics of all rental equipment
7. Manage drivers time cards
8. Overlook Main Shop Trucks – 3047 & 3050
9. Maintain Radio’s – Two-way and CB

1. Handle the crating and packing of material
2. Oversee the proper loading of material with yard personnel
3. Schedule deliveries
4. Follow up on delivery dates
5. Plan for special permits (e.g., Wide Load) as required and coordinate with permit issuer
6. Assign work to the drivers and escorts
7. Produce photographs of shipments as required
8. Handles all necessary shipping documents (e.g., packing list, inter co, bill of lading, etc.)
9. Get quotes and manage outside couriers (e.g., Manitoulin, Gardewine, etc.)
10. Ensure that all goods are properly tagged
11. Advise management if deliveries can’t be met
12. Close shipping work orders accordingly

AZ Driver:
1. Operate and drive tractor-trailer
2. Preform pre-trips, on route and post trip inspection of vehicle systems and obtain required documentation to transport goods
3. Follow safety procedures for transporting good

Salaries commensurate with qualification and experience
Interested candidates forward resume

1. Personal Information

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2. NOR-ARC – Field Project Manager
Full time
Job Description:

Responsible for all aspects of work done at customer’s site from first contact to post evaluation. Provide high quality service to customer and meet their specifications. Make sure all jobs are performed safely and professionally while ensuring profitability for company.

Qualifications and Skills
– Leadership, human resources and management skills
– Exceptional communication skills (written and verbal)
– Excellent financial management skills
– Strong Knowledge of information technology systems
– Strong attention to detail

Roles and Responsibilities:
– Prepare and submit quotations for approval
– Obtain purchase orders from customers and prepare work orders and requisitions
– Oversee material takeout
– Work Planning & Customer relations
– Estimate and organize fieldwork projects and shutdown
– Organize the scope of work and distribute fairly
– Prepare a monthly calender for field work
– Plan for job requirements (eg. Human resources, tool and equipment)
– Ensure that work stays within the budgeted number of hours
– Complete post project evaluations (cost, procedure, customer satisfaction, etc..)
– Receive incoming calls for shutdowns
– Visit prospects and customers for future projects and participate in customer meetings
– Review customer plans and suggest modifications or alternatives as required and follow up with completion of jobs
– Supervise, promote and discipline personnel involved in field work as required
– Liaise with health and safety coordinator to obtain new employee information and identify training needs
– Enforce health and safety rules
– Encourage teamwork and help boost employee morale


Salaries commensurate with qualification and experience

1. Personal Information

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