List of Services

Project Engineering
Forming Materials
Manufacture of specialized equipments
Shutdowns and Installations
Steel Structure Fabrication
Pressure Vessels & Boilers
Auto Service
Counter Sales (REO Department)

Project Engineering

Nor-Arc & Normex team has an engineering department at the service of all its customers. Our team makes every effort to offer you a service to meet your satisfaction. Whether it is for the design of equipment that suits your needs or if it is to review plans, you can rest assured you will receive full support from our team.

  • AutoCAD, Inventor, Advance Steel.
  • Drawings
  • Designs
  • Turnkey Projects
  • Product Improvements

Forming Materials

The following forming methods are available:

  • Rolling (plates, beams, angle & pipes)
  • Bending
  • Pressing
  • Plasma cutting
  • A line of robotic equipment for steel structures fabrication


Manufacture of specialized equipments

The expertise that our company have developed is reflected by the loyalty of our employees. Our team is consisted of 150 employees that are available to your every need. The on-time production and delivery are important factors of the company’s success.

  • Our company has a manufacturing capacity section that is 110’ long x 90’ wide.
  • Our equipment have the capacity suitable to lift up to 168 tons.
  • Our fabrication area has a total of 28,000 sq. ft. of working space.
  • Combined our paint and blasting shops have 8,000 sq. ft. of working space.
  • The machine shop has a total of 8,000 sq. ft. of working space.


Shutdowns and Installations

Whether your needs are local, national or international, we offer the manpower for shutdowns, maintenance of equipment and the necessities for any installation projects. Our team consist of qualified field supervisors, welders, millwrights as well as machinists available to help you organise and execute your shutdown or installation projects.

Our team can be at your service for:

  • Project Management;
  • Repair of high pressure vessels;
  • Field tanks;
  • Conveyor systems;
  • Belts;
  • Channels;
  • Pallets;
  • Rakes;
  • Air ducts;
  • Cyclones;
  • Air locks;
  • Steel structures;
  • Hoppers;
  • Piping;
  • Welding;
  • Mobile machining;
  • And more

Steel Structure Fabrication

Among their achievements, Nor-Arc & Normex have completed several projects of manufacturing steel structures tailored and customised to its customer’s specifications. The companies have completed steel structures for projects such as the construction of Terminal 1 at the Toronto  Pearson  International Airport, several constructions for mining and forestry projects, building for the city of New York and several commercial projects.

  • Office Towers & commercial buildings
  • Platforms
  • Stairs
  • Handrails
  • Hoist frame
  • Bridge

Pressure Vessels & Boilers

We hold numerous Certificate of Authorization under TSSA that enables us to conduct numerous code required tasks such as:

  • Design, fabricate, install, inspect & evaluate power piping.
  • Design, fabricate, install, inspect & evaluate process piping.
  • Repair and alteration of power piping.
  • Repair and alteration of process piping.
  • Design, fabricate, install, inspect & evaluate refrigeration piping.
  • Repair and alteration of refrigeration piping.
  • Repair and alteration of boilers, pressure vessels, piping and A, B, E and H type fittings at our facility and for repairs and alterations at field sites.
  • Manufacture of pressure vessels at our facility only in accordance with ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code.
  • Manufacture and assembly of power boilers at our facility only in accordance with ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code.

Find our list of Certificates of Authorization & ASME codes under Profile/Procedures and Certificates


All sandblasting, painting and NDT procedures are done inside and are conformed to environmental laws.


A complete line of services for personalised machining project.

Auto Service

Complete service department.

We do safety inspections, annual inspections and all
general repairs for automobiles, trucks, trailers & heavy equipments.

We service all makes or models.

We have large parts selections.

We offer all required services such as:

  • Air equipment
  • Alternators
  • Axle service
  • Brakes
  • Clutches
  • Electrical
  • Electronic diagnostic
  • Engines
  • Exhaust
  • Front & rear suspension
  • Fuel injection
  • Mufflers
  • Oil, lube & filter
  • Tire repairs

Note we also offer custom welding and machine shop on site.

Counter Sales (REO Department)

We welcome our clients to walk-in and enquire about our services.

Our reo department will be at your service to take on your orders.

We offer:
Crane (hoist) Rental (25TON, 26TON & 50TON)

Rental on multiple equipment available (For example: welders, generators, lights, manlift…)

Fire pit rings (stock or custom), grills and covers.

Metal and aluminum forming, welding, bending, flame and plasma cutting, machining, blasting, painting, mobile lineboring, cast iron welding repair…

Repairs on trailers, hitches, campers, cylinders, farm equipment, heavy equipment and construction equipment.

In-stock and special order metal products. (Rebar, threaded rods, plates, shafts and much more)

  • Small to large steel & aluminum sale
  • Drafting services
  • Match, copy, replicate oem parts
  • Modify any equipment to make more efficient or to simplify the task
  • We save customer orders for future replications
  • Repairs are available in our shop or at the client’s residence (mobile services)
  • And lots more!

Call, e-mail or come-in for a quote!